We believe in the essence of our culture and passion developed through our history, as magical forces and differentiating factors that push us to go further.

CEO Mítico

How We do it

Creating Community

Mitico reach out the global cycling community to all the processes, from coffee and cycling development to their impact on the environment (Colombian specialty coffee growing families and youth cycling programs).

Connecting with our Culture

We make visible families,
farms, regions and coffee histories, as well as sports development processes,
both supported by coherent
and sustainable programs.

Keeping our History
& Culture alive.

We contribute to the development and specialization of specialty coffee growers and young cyclists, providing support that allow them to be increasingly competitive and adapt to a global and changing market.

The World of Mítico


Our Classics and the perfect way to express and offer the world the union of our two passions.


Our “King of the Mountains” is our tribute to the coffee mountains of Colombia, where the best cyclists and coffee farmers in the world have grown up.


The ideal measure so that you can enjoy all the flavor of your favorite Mítico wherever and whenever you want.


Because one is not enough, know our packs or build your own, share and enjoy the best of our coffee culture.


Feed your passion adding some beautiful accessories.  For true lovers of coffee and cycling.

Mítico Coffee Families

The Ciclamino Family 21 de December de 2021

The Ciclamino Family

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Conservation, high quality, and perseverance.  These 3 characteristics describe the family Medina-Lopez, the growers of La Telaraña farm. They are a perfect […]

The Phoenix Family 21 de December de 2021

The Phoenix Family

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Born in Manzanares- Caldas, Ciro is a coffee producer who, like the phoenix, has arisen from the ashes. After his father’s coffee […]

The KOM Family 21 de December de 2021

The KOM Family

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Don Jersain Agudelo was born and raised in La Divisa, a vereda near Salamina, Caldas. He and his wife, Doña Meri, have […]

The Hera Family 21 de December de 2021

The Hera Family

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Patricia Victoria and her husband, Victor Narvaez are the owners of La Azucena, a farm located in the municipality of Salamina, Caldas […]

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